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the recording

Maarifa Street

BEGINNING with three live concerts, each recorded in four instrumental layers, some performances (notably, trumpet) were kept intact, other layers were either re-performed or invented anew while some layers migrated from one performance to another. Some completely new tracks were made by cannibalizing parts from previous works and reshaping them. My hope is that, by weaving together the spontaneity and "imperfections" of a live concert with the "detailing" of a studio recording, something distinctive results.

I almost subtitled this record "Improved Concerts", after Mati Klarwein's "Improved Paintings" series in which ordinary flea market paintings were miraculously transformed by painting into and out of the original. But one track—which exists only as a stereo recording—has been left untouched: the "encore" at the end, 'Open Secret (Milano)'.

—Jon Hassell—


Maarifa Street / Magic Realism 2

1.  Divine S.O.S.  | 7.15 |  listen to an extract
2.  Maarifa Street  | 7.09 |  listen to an extract
3.  Warm Shift  | 4.23 |  listen to an extract
4.  Open Secret (Paris)  | 11.47 |  listen to an extract
5.  New Gods  | 7.56 |  listen to an extract
6.  Darbari Bridge  | 11.42 |  listen to an extract
7.  Open Secret (Milano)  | 11.44 |  listen to an extract

     Total program 61:56

  (c)+(p) 2005 Nyen Music

Jon Hassell
Trumpet on all tracks.
Keyboards on all except 7.

Peter Freeman
Bass on all tracks.
Programming on all except 4 and 7.
Percussion on 1 and 5.

Rick Cox
Guitar on all tracks except 6.

John Beasley
Keyboards on 2, 4, 6 and 7.

Dhafer Youssef
Voice on 1, 2, 4.
Oud on 1, 4.

Paolo Fresu
Trumpet and effects on 7.

Abdou Mboup
Original source drum performance on 6.

Produced by Jon Hassell
Co-produced by Peter Freeman

Executive Producer: Jean-Michel Reusser for Taktic Music
Engineered and mixed by Peter Freeman
Mastered by Scott Hull at Hit Factory Mastering, New York

All compositions by Jon Hassell, except 'Divine S.O.S.'
by Jon Hassell/Peter Freeman
'Maarifa Street' contains a sample from 'Fremd' (CD: Pole 1)
by Stefan Betke, Pias 1998, Betke Edition/BMG Music Publ., Germany

All tracks recorded live in Milan, Montreal and Paris, 2002-2003,
except 'New Gods', recorded at The Game Room, Los Angeles
Additional recording in Los Angeles at The Game Room and Rock River Sound (Engineer: Jesse Voccia)
Mixed at The Game Room

Cover art: Abdul Mati Klarwein ('Crucifixion' 1963-65)
Hubble Image: Spiral Galaxies NGC2207 and IC2163
Design: John Coulthart

Special thanks to Coleman Barks for his kind permission to use his translations of Rumi.
(Apologies for omission of this credit on the first edition of the album.)


thanks to

Peter Freeman for his drive and focus while combing through every detail of these performances, for his great musicality onstage and off, for his invaluable contribution in the formation of this record...Peter, Rick and John for being the core of all this and for all the extra hours of rehearsal...Paolo Fresu for showing me what a beautiful conversation could happen by whispering in the dark with another trumpet...Dhafer Youssef for the music that pours out of him like water, keeping the ecstatic spirit of Rumi alive...Abdou Mboup for the ongoing spell of his Bugurubu drumming in that Paris club some twenty years ago...Stefan Betke for that eccentric dub feeling that is the root of track two...Daniel Lanois for his production work on the first Magic Realism recording, Aka-Darbari-Java...Brian Eno for keeping the secret...Jean-Michel Reusser for decades of deep friendship and for his steady guidance and selfless dedication to this project...Petra Gehrmann for her warm and wise counsel in and out of the office where the mysteries of "publishing" are plumbed...Loy Ehrlich for giving this record its first nudge into reality... Pierre Walfisz of Label Bleu for his extraordinary support just when it was needed most... Serafine Klarwein and the rest of the Klarwein family for their kind consent for the use of Mati's magnificent painting...Robert Walsh, my patron saint of lost causes, for always being in the front row for me...John Coulthart for his brilliant design work.

Nicolas "Link" Lacoumette and Steve Duda for the invention of Devine Machine and for making themselves so available. Michel Geiss for his valuable mastering consultation. Rickio Woods. Ray Maxwell at Eventide. Mark Jeffery at Digidesign. Cameron Allan. Jeff Rona. Jamie Muhoberac.

Montreal Jazz Festival: Johanne Bougie, artistic director Stephane Morency, concert mix. Paris, Trabendo: Fabien Lherisson, director; Steve Hernandez-Martinez, concert mix. Milano: Walter Prati and Enzo Gentile Suoni e Visioni Festival directors, Fabio Marchese, concert mix.

(c)+(p) 2005 Nyen Music

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